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5 awesomely easy ways to increase your website traffic


A commonly asked question, that always comes from clients, is how they can increase their website traffic. Google analytics is the best place to start in finding out how you can do that. As a certified analytic professional, I’ll be guiding you through the 5 simple ways you can gain more traffic

1.Look at your data

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Might sound folly but it’s entirely true. If you pay attention to your data you can unravel where your traffic is coming from, what’s working and what isn’t. Taking into account all your data is important in understanding your customers. If you understand you customers and what they want and need, you can ensure that you get more people to your website.


2. Where are you getting most traffic from?

First move to understand your data. Ask yourself the question where does most of my site traffic come from? By viewing your traffic report, you whether your traffic is coming from people searching on google (organic) or people who are clicking on a link to your site from another site (referral) or if they’re clicking on a paid ad (CPC). From there it’s simple, allocate your time and money in the sources from which you’re getting the most traffic, and look at simple way to steadily increase the others.


3.What are people searching for?

By enabling google search console you can view which terms customers are using in order to find your site. This can give you a good estimation as to what your customers were looking for when they came across your website. This can help you boost traffic, if you make sure your SEO is on point to show up for those search terms.

Secondly, if you’re using paid keywords, (AdWords) you can get good keyword ideas to include in your keyword lists.


4.What time are they searching for you?

See what time you get the most visits to your website. Accordingly, you can schedule your paid ads and also your social media posts. This is optimizing the times that people are most likely to visit your website and make the most of it. A simple trick but highly effective.


5.Is your social media drawing in customers?

See what posts are drawing in the most traffic to your site, which ones are getting the most likes, views and shares? This is invaluable data in getting your posts in sync with what your customers want and need.


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