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5 Ways To Boost The B2B Business Blog

According to the 2015 Content Marketing Report (for North America), 70% of B2B Marketers aim to create more content. But how on earth will they have the time to do so? As we are a PR and Marketing Agency, we can help lighten the stress a little and suggest some ways to help.

1) Find out what your customers are asking.

It’s irrelevant writing blog posts about how penguins walk if it means nothing to your customer (unless of course your customers are penguin researchers for business). One of the ways to successfully market your content is to determine exactly what your customers are asking for and answer their questions – almost like an FAQ.

But wait, if you don’t engage with them on a regular basis, how do you know what they will ask? Well, ask your staff. Your team. Your front of house saviours and customer service desk employees. Ask them what questions they respond to on a daily basis and what the most common questions are.

Once you have this list of questions, find the most relevant staff members to shed some light of information on the subjects relevant and type up their responses. It’s a winning situation for everyone – not only do the customers benefit from information being available at hand, but it gives other employees a chance to brush up on their knowledge of different situations too – it’s almost free training!

2) Market your case studies

Case studies are often the best form of content to present to your customers. They prove that your products or services have worked for other companies and show that you can deliver results.

Businesses may find answers to their similar problems within these and may be even more tempted to come to you with their dilemma, it’s verifiable proof that there is a solution there for them.

Using local businesses in your case studies can also be beneficial as it ties in with local keywords helping your SEO if you rank higher for particular location based keyword searches eg: the competition to rank first on Google for Marketing and PR is super high, however is lower if you try rank for Marketing and PR Leicester.

3) Compare products and services

Every customer is always unsure of what service or product is the best for choice for them (unless they have bought it before) so offering them advice in which one to choose is always beneficial to a business.

This can be done in various ways – video, blogs, infographics and tables to name a few. But comparing advantages and disadvantages as well as functionality is always a good starting point and is guaranteed to help the customer make a more informed decision, even if it’s just by 1%.

4) Create Tutorials

Everybody loves tutorials, they help every individual person at one stage in their life and targets all learning styles. Tutorials can be used to help your customers get more out of your products and services and can help them to advance to the next level, especially in the likes of software programmes. (Adobe tutorials are normally winners).

Having tutorials is a form of reassurance to your customer that they will be able to use the product or service after they have purchased it comfortably, and if they get stuck – they can always refer back to your website for further information.

5) Industry state

State of the industry posts take a look at how the market your business is in is currently and what the key trends and statistics are. The major benefactor of this? People will always refer back to them as it will provide relevant, useful information and will become potential shareworthy content.

Alternatively, there is always outsourcing to a company to help you manage your blog posting and social media which can be useful particularly for SMEs or businesses who need to focus on other areas which need development but still cannot afford to let their social media go down.


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