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5 Ways To Make Use Of Instagram’s New Updates

Instagram forever has updates, and we’ve all heard of some new changes coming about very soon including the carousel ads which have successfully taken off and we can now expect to see more of them around. However they’ve brought out another something new. What is it you ask? Post notifications.

With the most recent update being only 3 days ago, Instagram have introduced a few new photo editing features, but most importantly, post notifications. Users can now subscribe to brands they love on Instagram and enable notifications so they never miss an update again. Call it casual stalking, it can do wonders if Instagram is your main marketing platform.Instagram Post Notifications

This just being one of the many updates Instagram have released since the beginning of 2015, it will help brands to stay front-of-mind for their devoted followers and if you are a fashion retailer – it’s definitely one element you need to be promoting. Style bloggers will love it!

By notifying users who aren’t always looking at the app and missing out when posts go live, businesses can now create an impression by appearing on the user devices’ lock screen. This means there is a greater chance that users will engage with the photo or video by taking them directly to that image, rather than just scrolling up and down an over-active feed trying to find the same image again and again. It’s genius!

How do we do this you ask? Simple.

1) Promote the new feature across your networks and make a huge emphasis on it. (But keep it balanced with your other marketing content).

Sometimes just letting users know that they can subscribe now can make a huge difference, people don’t always pay attention to updates and can often miss the minor bug fixes that come along. Cross promotion of this works best too as Facebook allows you to integrate your Instagram feed on to your company page and sharing posts has never been easier these days with social bookmarking around to make life easier. Make it known that you can be subscribed to, and keep it promoted too with the use of hashtags.

2) Contests and promotions

Build a campaign that encourages followers to be the first (or the first of 10-50 etc.) to comment or share and tag a post. Make it known a contest is coming and state that they can increase their odds of winning by subscribing to your brands’ posts. People love freebies – just make sure you are happy to take this international first!

3) Use the feature on your most influential followers

People love to be noticed, particularly by big brand names. Instagram is full of millions of users and quite often your name can get lost in the mix. Engage with your most influential followers – talk to them and if you are truly interested in what they post, let them know that! Making your followers as well as your customers feel valued is priceless these days and it truly does go a long way. Subscribe to their feed and keep up to date and let them know about it. Chances are you could be the first person to do it and they may not even know of the update yet either.

4) Activate the feature for your competitors

Keep up to date with them! It’s vital with marketing as you want to stand out for them and not seem like another spammy business who is just after a person’s business. By subscribing to their posts, you can be the first to know of new campaigns, marketing tactics, promotions and other features they are posting. Make sure you are one step ahead of the game (so to speak).

5) Promote sales and products

Users love being the first to know. It makes them feel special and a little bit more clued up then their friends (if popularity is important to them). People are more likely to subscribe if they think they will get the first “exclusive sneak-peaks” or “behind-the-scenes” snaps and updates, it begins to feel more personal and they feel cherished. Offering discount codes and first look’s are always a brilliant way to start.

Whilst it’s great focusing on one brand new element of Instagram, make sure it is part of your bigger strategy and not your sole marketing aim. It ties in with all other platforms just as well as each platform enables cross promotion and they all have the same goal – to engage, promote and convert sales.


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