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6 Ways Live Streaming Can Benefit Your Business

Live streaming is a great way to get your audience to actually stop and pay attention to your content, it can either make them really engaged, in a good mood, laugh out loud or really confused. The trick is to make use of platforms that are out there to help you mix up your content and find another alternative to targeting your audience.

1) Share Live Events:

Sharing live events of where you are and what’s going on is always a good way to get your audience involved and in the know. Instead of using just images and showing them one area at a time – a lot can change within the space of a picture upload! Walk with them! Talk with them! Ask them where you should go next and what they want to see! It’s all for engagement purposes so actually engage with them! Get them to ping you messages for what to do next!

2) Host Interviews:

“People.” It’s one of the seven P’s of the extended marketing mix and companies often forget this, they focus more on promotion. People relate to people, it’s a psychological fact. So use that your advantage! Show your clients, your employees, your branch manager! Show them it’s not robots tweeting them or some guy who was paid to do it. Show them you care and invite them to interviews and live streaming sessions where they can actually see someone answering their questions and talking to them.

3) Show The Product Creation Process:

Customers don’t get to see the product creation process, so how about sharing it with them? They only ever see the final product or service from a company so showing the in-betweens and the progression is likely to get you more noticed along their timelines and increase engagement.

4) Behind The Scenes.

Photoshoots? Events? Campaigns? Cooking? Show your audience what you get up to behind closed doors and show the fun side to everything. The sneak previews, the cheeky promos, the obligatory selfies! It doesn’t always have to be office based, we’ve gone to the middle of town centre before for surveys! Let the audience have some insight, we all love sneaky previews – it makes us feel more special!

5) Offer On Demand Training.

If your audience are a bunch of trainee designers – get them onto a live streaming platform and do bitesize revision sessions or booster sessions for them to learn software and tips or tricks! If you become a reference point for a user, they are bound to share this with others who may need similar advice in the same situation so your network will automatically grow. It’s always worth a shot.

6) Host Q&A’s.

We all love asking questions, we’re all inquisitive people. So why not get your audience to ask you questions they really want to know – even if it’s something random like “where did you buy that shirt from”. Let them in, make it feel comfortable and personal or keep it mixed so it covers a wide range of topics. It’s a great way to boost customer service skills as they don’t have to tweet, email or ring, they can see you sitting there ready to take on all they can throw and ask.

Meerkat and Periscope are 2 rapidly growing apps that are great to start out with so it’s worthwhile giving them a shot. Live streaming is ultimately to help increase engagement, so use it for that purpose.

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