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Basics to Make Your Posts Go Viral

We use our blog to provide information about our company as well as what is going in the industry. The longer we blog and communication using the medium of blogging, we notice more bloggers trying to go viral.

When you are posting consistently, using social media strategically and generally providing interesting, useful and inspiring content on the internet, it would be a little help if that content was seen by as many people as people. Even better if those people would hang around and provide ongoing traffic. Going viral would not hurt, right?

While it would not happen to every and it’s almost impossible to force through, there is no doubt going viral can be useful when you can get it. Viral posts usually have similar threads in common, so you are bound to give your post a little push if you can ensure it contains this combination of essentials:

Reach out to others

The one aspect that always appears in viral content is its ability to invoke an emotion in the reader. There needs to be a connection between the post and the reader. In addition to that, the most shared content is said to be content that evokes a strong positive emotional response. Content is shared for ultimately many reasons, it’s emotional reactions that tend to drive the most shares. Content that makes your heart race is more likely to go viral.

Have a think about how you can get your message across. Is there a personal story you can share? Is there a humanist spin you can put on it? How can you really create your post with “resonating with the reader” in mind?

Be useful

Everybody loves a life hack. Anything you come across to benefit another person is always useful to share. When you think about creating content that people cannot help but share, think about how you can be useful. How you can add value, find their pain points and solve them. Have they got questions? Answer them? Be inspiring, be emotive, maybe even be a little controversial.

But useful content is king, you are starting off on the right foot if you have got that down.

It’s all about the reader

Apparently people will share content when it says something about who they are. It might make them seem intelligent, it might show how much they care for the less fortunate, or it might just show they have an excellent sense of humour. They will share reflections of their personalities and you are going to give them the content to do just that.

Be ahead

If you want your content out there, being seen by the max amount of eyeballs possible, then begin by putting it there. Do not just publish and hold your breath. We all know Facebook is making it difficult to be seen in newsfeeds and evidence is showing Twitter does not drive traffic like it once did, so think outside the box. Make use of the RSS or email post mailout sorted but you can upload to Slideshare, LinkedIn, YouTube, have something in your email signatures, forum signatures and you can submit to Reddit. Have you sorted the SEO? Is it keyword-rich? Have you provided keywords for images and in the alt-text?

You can ask people to share, if you think this will help. Email influential people and ask them to share if they feel it will benefit their readers. Ask people to retweet, invite them to share at the bottom of your posts. Mention sharing in your Facebook update. Ask your friends and family to share if they can/want to.

Making it easy

You really cannot expect people to share if you have not made it easy for them to begin with. Have clear social sharing icons displayed prominently and ensure you have configured them to show the top five or six platforms you think will be most useful of that people are likely to share on.

Provide tweetable quotes, two click and they are done. Have a Facebook sized image somewhere in your post that people can use.

These are the steps we take to ensure your posts are relevant to your business, industry and what your followers would like to come across. We look at ways to get your word and message to suitable social media platforms in order to achieve the objective of a lead or conversion.  We hope these useful tricks are useful for your posts to go viral in the future.

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