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All About Blab

blabThis week we have discovered a new tool for social media, called Blab, and we think it’s great! It is a live streaming tool, with allows multiple speakers, one of which being the host of the blab, you can watch the blab and interact with speakers in the comment section, send props, if someone says something you like or agree with, and if a seat becomes available, and the host allows, you join a chat and become a speaker yourself.

Getting started on Blab is quick and easy, you don’t need to spend ages filling out endless questions to create your account, just sign into your twitter and you’re ready to go. If you want notifications on a specific persons future blabs, all you need to do is follow them, you can also search for people by searching their name or twitter handle.

host blabTo start your own Blab, click the purple button next to your profile. Give your Blab a title and choose three tags, which are equivalent to key words. You can then either start your blab immediately, or schedule it to start in the future. As the host of a Blab you also can decide if you want to record your Blab, which is handy is your Blab is more business related, opposed to just a casual Blab, as you can then refer to this for advice in the future, replay it at any time (however people cannot chat/comment when a blab is being replayed), or can even be posted on youtube for all to see.


As your Blab account is linked to your twitter is quick and easy to tweet out a link to your Blab, as a way of promoting it, and so getting more people watching your Blab. If you feel your scheduled Blab is going to be very beneficial to a large scale of people you could target even more people over your social media platforms, through graphics, sending links out through e-mails or even by creating an event on Facebook.

Whether you want to use Blab to create your own Blab, join other peoples Blabs, or just listen in every once and a while. Blab is a great platform for both business and just for entertainment with its vast variety of tags, from Social-media, marketing and business, to relationships, videogames and random. Check it out now, for your business, or just for you.

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