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Five advantages of working with a certified Google Partner


There is no doubt that SeventyNine places a huge emphasis on training and investing in skills to enhance our service.

That is why we were so chuffed to receive our Google Partner badge only a few months into a concerted drive to acquire this certification.

As a consequence, we have been telling clients that among other qualifications such as Adwords Specialist, Analytics Certified, qualified design and being members of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) we have now earned the Google Partner badge.

This Partner badge, which means that we now have passed and shown the level of skills required by Google, gives our clients an extra confidence and trust that their business is being handled by an agency which has met Google best practice guidelines.

However, when one client asked us yesterday to elaborate on what this means, we thought it would be interesting to put out a blog on exactly what it means to be a Google Partner and why your business should be working with an agency with this certification.

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Below are five advantages of using a Google Partner:

  • 1. It shows devotion and commitment

As Google Partners, SeventyNine have devoted and committed time to ensure paid the search marketing we do for our clients is done with the best service.

It means that only do we know what we are doing and are well-versed on the craft on creating effective and added-value ad campaigns, we also do this with the highest emphasis on quality customer service.

  1. You’re working with fully qualified staff

One of the biggest criteria for becoming a Google Partner, is that the staff who manage your accounts have Google Adwords certifications.

These certifications have to retaken annually ensuring the agency continues to meet Google’s standards for account management best practices.

  • Experts in Search

Any Google Partner must be an expert in all of the features of AdWords including search, shopping, remarketing and mobile.


This means that your account manager is working to ensure they run the campaign and make sure your budget is spent in the best possible way.

Split testing with AdWords using negative keywords, constant AdWords optimization, extensions, broad match modified keywords, ad scheduling et al are just some of the techniques an account manager will be using to ensure the campaign is running optimally.

  • Be the first to get exclusive Google products

One of the biggest perks of a Google Partner is exclusive beta use of a new product or service that it has developed and plans to roll out to the market.

Yes, that means you’re ahead of your competitors with a new product one year before it hits the market. Imagine the competitive advantage you can enjoy.

  • Direct Line to Google

Got a problem with your Adwords account or have a malware problem.

Don’t worry, Google Partners have their own Google Agency Team which means they have a direct dial to avoid waiting and get your problem addressed immediately. This can be crucial and lifesaving for a business where every second is money.

So, in conclusion, a Google Partner agency has many benefits for any client that uses them.



Although there are many advantages, for an agency like Seventy Nine, the biggest one we feel is that our commitment and investment in Paid Search has been recognised and vindicated by Google. For businesses who are looking for a trusted partner to handle their hard-earned budget, this seal of assurance is priceless.

Seventy Nine – a Google Partner Agency.

See our official Google Partner accreditation here:;idtf=2486243052;



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