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Improving Your Social Media Engagement

social-media-engagementWe here at Seventy Nine PR are here to build strategies and tactics to find ways to interact with your fans and customers on social media.

While it is relatively easy to get people to like and share posts, it takes creativity to drive comments and dialogue.

Here are the things we look at when it comes to gaining engagement and interaction on your social media profiles.


We like to ask questions to fans and potential customers who may response. Asking for their favourite things in life like “What’s their favourite dish?” could be so basic where people may not want to answer. However, asking a similar question with multiple choice answers, illustrated by an interesting graphic is more likely to get plenty of responses. So we think about how the users viewed and consumed the content in different ways.

Organising contests and competitions

These are quite common these days and it is important to stand out and do something different for brands and businesses. Over the platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, people can follow you along with a designated hashtag to win a prize. We think outside the box and come up with ideas of getting fans and followers to participate in competitions. sessions

Every customer has questions for you, whether they are on the company itself or your products and services. Hosting Google Hangouts and Twitter chats or creating a Facebook post that asks the followers what they want to know about you. Having interviews with specific industry experts is showing your willingness and speciality of your industry. Giving your fans the opportunity to ask, this will give plenty of social media engagement.

Tagging people

There are a couple of ways to curate content that will lead to more engagement. Whenever we share someone else’s content, we remember to tag the original publisher. It is the easiest way to attract the eyeballs of the original content creators. We also create and plan curated articles by choosing relevant topics to your business.

People who get mentioned in a curated post are likely to comment, like or share the content. The more people tagged, the more comments there will be to get the conversation going on your page or feed.

Believe in user-generated content

User generated content is an excellent way to get your fans talking on your page. It is the most convenient way to get engagement. Asking your customers to create designs, share how your product or service is working for them and accompanying with a hashtag to spread the chance to get noticed on your social media account. We want people to contribute to your social media and this is highly likely to get people to engage and get their friends and family joined in.

Be current and in the know

Being topical always brings fresh traffic to social media pages, whether it is centred on a holiday, event or live show. Creating content that is related to events that people are already talking about, benefits to engage with your fans. We have found seasonal trends and holidays like Christmas, Easter, Bank Holiday’s and public events to be popular interests and we aim to target your content to these targeted audiences.

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