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Instagram Carousel Ads

So we all love sharing photos, and the platform that’s had the biggest rise of all has been the one and only Instagram. Since they’ve started offering a way to advertise for businesses since 2013, market research has showed that businesses want a way to tell a story across Instagram with captivating and meaningful images with an increased click-through rate. And Instagram are launching exactly that.

Feedback from the Instagram community showed that they were more interested in learning about a product or brand after they have seen a sponsored image or video. So it’s a big selling point for any company on the popular social media platform.

Carousel ads are now in the process of being launched where brands can share multiple images in one post for those who are interested. This allows users to swipe left and right to view more images (similar to a Facebook image bulk upload) with a clickable link to a website to view more.

The pros? It allows multi image uploads so the likes of wider images can be used and broken apart into one scroll through. Clickable links also work as a benefit to help drive site traffic as we all know the more hashtags you use, the more reach you get even with a follower base of 53.9k. Brands and companies can showcase more of their products in a range in one go, it’s more marketing in one post!

For example: our client Sofa Bargains can use carousel ads to showcase a “living room lookbook” featuring one of their sofas, their coffee table, the rug and other accessories such as cushions and soft furnishings.

Sofa Bargains Instagram Carousel Ad Image

The cons? Users can still choose to ignore the post and carry on scrolling which means businesses can lose out on potential click-through rates.

As it’s all a new learning curve for Instagram we can expect to see variations in the layout and interface of the carousel but all in all we can expect big things in terms of advertising from the free social media platform this year!

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