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Pinterest Promos: What You Should Be Doing

Seven new tactics have come to light in the world of Pinterest which have been found to attract more attention to your personal or business Pinterest profile, it’s definitely worth a try.

A new area has recently been launched on Pinterest and it’s called ‘promoted pins’. So far promoted pins has been found to be quite successful as they are attracting roughly the same amount of interest as regular pins, and more! As said by Pinterest themselves, they are “just as good as and sometimes better than organic pins”. With promoted pins you can have a play with images, copying and categorising and see what is more suited to you.

Due to the high standard of visual content on Pinterest, it can be difficult to get noticed, even if your work is truly talentedPinterest Search Categories and unique. The reasoning behind this? There are millions of people creating hundreds of pins every second and they are all being uploaded day in and day out, therefore you have some serious competition. Currently on Pinterest there is an area called ‘rich pins’ and it has 6 types of rich pins so far. This area allows you to add additional context and information into your pin in order to make it stand out more; however the additions you can add depend on the type of rich pin you are using. The current 6 stand at: place pins, app pins, recipe pins, article pins, product pins and movie pins. If you are a marketer, the type of pin which is most suited to you is a product pin. When it comes to product pins, you have the open option to include product promotion, information and pricing within the pin itself. Product pins also allow you to include a link in order to promoter the option of “buy now”. Another benefit? The users will get an email notification if there is a change in price on a product which they have either repined or liked.

Pinterest Group BoardsOn Pinterest you now have the option to collaborate with popular pinners. You can do this through the use of group boards; this is an area where you invite contributors to add their own pins to the common board. The main target for this is to create and increase success in retail stores and online with brand partnerships. Pinterest have already become partners with blogger Poppytalk.

It is a good idea to develop a recognisable style that you can stick to, in order for people to be able to link your Pinterest and products to you or your company. You can either approach this with the idea of creating a recognisable style which is bold and has a repetition of your logo or of any additional details which can be recognised as yours, or, you could take a subtle approach and simply focus on things like the lighting, typography and angles of your pins, either way have proved to have worked. By taking these points into consideration it could make users recognise your pins on their feed.

When it comes to pinning it is always good to reflect the new, up and coming, popular trends which are set out. Pinterest Food PinsAn example of this? Food pins. Even if the trend you are pinning is completely irrelevant to your company it is a good and recommended way of getting your pins noticed, as it links the Pinterest culture in with your business and also drives engagement. Another way to boost your engagement is to repin others content, but don’t just repin anything, repin posts which are relevant and includes content which will compliment your brand and products.

The last thing that has been suggested to help with your marketing on Pinterest is optimizing your pins so that they are easily accessible and clear to view on your mobile phone. You only need to take a few little steps in order to achieve this. You need to make sure that all of the images that you pin are large enough when being viewed, as this could affect what it is meant to show and could lead to any important detail or information to be misses as it isn’t visibly clear. You need to be most aware of its sizing if the images contain any form of text. The best way to do this is by previewing all of the images you wish to pin on your mobile device to see if any changes need to be made.

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