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The Pinterest SEO Checklist

So integrating Pinterest into your social media is always a wise move particularly as it has one of the largest growing audiences of all the platforms next to Instagram. It has easy website integration to post pictures from a webpage directly or from a URL and is just generally awesome to play around on and find amazing inspiration from worldwide users.

So it’s a winning platform to use. Hooray!

But now Pinterest has aimed to become more SEO friendly so a new checklist has been devised to help businesses make their page 1) more optimised and 2) better for their overall search engine rankings. So what is it I need to do now you ask? Take a read below:

 1) Board Name:

Your board name is essentially your title tag. It needs to have your keyword in it and be relatable. Board Name & Description on Pinterest For ease of access – find a long-tail keyword to use which still works for your company and keep it consistent across your social media.

2) Board Description:

Essentially a description tag. In 4 words, that’s your board description in SEO terms. It needs to again contain keywords as well, it’s all flavoursome and can be what helps a user to actually stop and scroll back up to see your visual if they didn’t already. Call to actions normally work great here too.

3) Website Verification:

Website Verification on PinterestIt sounds really small and most people don’t even notice this feature but it’s a good way to link users of Pinterest back to your website and adds that extra layer of trust knowing the company is legit and there’s a page to prove that somebody is there = customer service brownie points. It also allows you access to Pinterest Analytics so you can review the most successful/unsuccessful pins and CTRs etc. It’s all helpful.

4) Keywords for Alt Tags:Keywords for Alt Tags on Pinterest

Those who have got their SEO in check would have keywords in their Alt tags for images. Pinterest has this little habit of replacing the pin description with Alt tags set to the image so make it beneficial to you and make them keyword rich and relevant to your website.

5) Category Research:

Similar to keyword research which is often with Ubersuggest, you want to tag your pins with things that are related to the image but that users are actually going to search for. Tagging a pin just as ‘Nike’ may be really helpful, but what if users are searching for ‘Nike women’s running trainers’? See the difference?

So there you have it. Pinterest is one of the most beneficial platforms to use especially as the market today is becoming more visual, and that’s Pinterest in a nutshell. But for extra brownie points particularly for new businesses:

  • The best times to post on Pinterest are Saturday mornings and weekdays between the hours of 2 and 4pm.
  • Pinterest days are divided into categories and follow the structure below:
    • Monday – Fitness
    • Tuesday – Technology
    • Wednesday – Inspirational Quotes
    • Thursday – Fashion
    • Friday – Humour
    • Saturday – Travel
    • Sunday – Food and Craft Ideas


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