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What Does PR Mean To You?

PR? What does it mean? Seems like a simple enough question.

In the run up to the General Election and with so many of the main parties and politicians employing PR strategists and spin doctors, we thought it would be a good question to ask the public.


The team at 79PR took to the streets of Leicester to ask the people…

“Do you know what PR means?”

Of course, the results were hilarious.


We spoke to 100 people of all ages and professions during the course of our experiment- only 22% knew the real answer! Funnily enough, the most popular answer was “Don’t Know” for 54% while a variety of answers ranged from Permanent Residence to Politics and Parliament.

The majority of people that got the answer right were the older generation. But for those of you who want to the know the right answer – scroll to the bottom.

We wonder if residents of other cities may fare better??

So from asking people around what they thought, our full results of the survey are below.


Permanent Residence:  5%

What Does PR Mean Survey Results Pie ChartPolitics and Parliament: 3%

Media: 3%

Public Relations: 22%

Public resources: 3%

Personal Assistant: 3%

Marketing Research: 3%

Human Rights: 3%

Private Secretary: 3%

Don’t know: 54%


For those of you who didn’t know, PR means public relations.

What Does PR Mean To You-

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