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Running an amazing Instagram Influencer campaign Part 2.

Part 2 influencer campaignSo you’ve got your list of influencers that want to work with you, now what? You need to create a landing page for your campaign. Your landing page should be simple, and include an opt-in form, this is the best way to get the contact information off those coming to your website from your influencer campaign. A way to incentivise people to do this is to provide a free offer.

The content of your free offer is up to you, it could be a free guide, ebook or report for example in return for your visitors email address. Make sure what you are offering is valuable to your visitors, as this will make it more likely that people will both remember and appreciate your business.

Your landing page needs to be engaging to the Instagram users you are targeting, in order to attract new leads. It is also key that this landing page is optimized for mobile, as almost all of the leads produced will be from a mobile device.

Now you’ve found your influencers, and generated your landing page, you need to deliver you promotional materials for the campaign. The materials you’ll need to send to your influencers is as follows:

  • A caption will a call to action. This will convince your influencers followers to take a look at your link, that your influencer would have put in their bio.
  • A picture of your product, or a quote.
  • The link to your landing page. Make sure your link had a link tracker so you can monitor clicks and ROI of each influencer campaign.

Now you’ve provided this, the influencer will publish the post, and your campaign is underway.

paid mentionPaid mentions are another way to gain relationships with Instagram influencers. For a price influencer will mention your page in order to drive their followers to your account. This works in a snowball effect, it will slowly start to increase your followers, when your following starts to increase the more likely people are to follow you through using the paid mentions.

Have a go at using an influencer campaign, or even paid mentions, and let us know how this has helped your business. We love to hear your feedback.

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