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Running an amazing Instagram Influencer campaign.

influencer on instagramIn one of our recent blogs we told you that a great thing for your company to do on Instagram is use influencers. In out next few blogs we are going to take this one step further and tell you how to run a successful influencer campaign on Instagram, today’s blog focuses on finding and targeting your potential influencers.

The first step to get your influencer campaign underway is to target the right influencers. Before you start contacting anyone and everyone with a decent following, take your time to look and research before your start messaging. Look for people who are relevant to your business and are popular with your followers and target audience. My using the explore tab you can search keywords such as ‘fashion’ and look further into profiles more relevant to you and your business.

Make a list of a select few accounts you want to target, for example 10 people. Focusing on those with 10,000 or more followers, but don’t forget to also look at engagement on their posts, after all the people liking and commenting on their posts will be the people who are likely to follow your page, so people with low engagement will be no use to your campaign.sam faires influencer

Once your list is compete, you now need to reach out to your influencers, asking if they would consider adding a link to your lading page to their profile bio. Most Instagram pages that are open to advertising make it easy for you to contact them, putting an email address or another way to contact them in their bio.

In your message to your target influencers you want to explain that you are looking to promote both your Instagram account and business, and wish to know if they are open to advertising opportunities. Is so you’d like to send them a quite. Quote are usually based on the number of followers the account has, the industry it in and what engagement their posts get. Don’t be afraid to try and negotiate prices, or to go for smaller accounts for the first couple of influencer campaigns you run, and if it provides a nice return, look into bigger account in the future, with bigger accounts it is likely you will also be contacting an agency or manager instead of the account holder directly.





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