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Ethnic Marketing

The ethnic market is a growing market. It’s a very niche market. It’s a lucrative market. But many don’t understand it. Communication to this audience is more than just ticking the diversity box or simply putting an ethnic face into an advert.  With one in six of the UK population from an ethnic background, it is imperative brands start to recognise this and expanding and diversifying their consumer base.

  • The ethnic minority population in England and Wales has increased by 2.5million to 9.1 million between 2001-2009. This is an increase of 37% within 8 years.
  • Ethnic minorities to make up 20% of UK population by 2051
  • “At a regional level, ethnic minorities will shift out of deprived inner city areas to more affluent areas, which echoes the way white groups have migrated in the past.” Professor Philip Rees, University of Leeds. Source – University of Leeds study 2010

Ethnic Marketing and Multicultural Marketing is more tactical. It’s about engaging. It’s about understanding the lifestyle, the culture and what shapes the everyday thinking of this consumer. To be able to understand how to really connect with the ethnic communities, you must be able to take a deeper look at their everyday lives. We help do this. We are passionate about it and are here to make a difference. There are a plethora of opportunities for businesses of all kinds in this area. You will be surprised how your business can create an opportunity in this niche. Seventy Nine PR and Marketing have worked with small and large billion pound businesses in this area. Our aim is to educate you and make a real difference.

So can my business benefit from Ethnic Marketing and Multicultural Marketing? How do I know?

That’s a common question we are asked so to answer this look at the statistics below.

  • Black and Asian consumers alone earn £156bn after tax
  • Highest average income of any ethnic group in the UK Source: (National Statistics online)
  • British Asian spent on average £30,000 on a wedding.
  • The British Muslim consumer base of 1.8 million represents a spending power of £20.5 billion (Mintel)
  • UK ethnic minorities represent a younger marketplace, with 80% under 25 years old
  • UK ethnic minorities buy foods bought in bulk from specialist retailers and other mainstream groceries from mainstream retailers.
  • Family-orientated decisions and recommendations the most dominant influences.
  • Financial services reflect the same ‘significant purchase’
  • Mercedes and BMW seen as the car of choice with UK ethnic minorities
  • Sky have over 40 international channels for the ethnic minority in the UK
  • Vimto sells 25 million bottles in the eight-weeks before, during and after the Holy month during the religious month of Ramadhan in the Gulf Countries – more than half of annual sales for the cordial
  • Asian Investors are now buying more than a fifth of all central London new-build properties, and now account for 49% of all investment purchases in central London (this compares to only 36% purchased by UK investors). Source – Knight Frank

Amazed by these facts? ·Marketing is all about understanding the target market. It’s not a one size fit all approach. And it’s certainly not about putting a brown or black face in an advert

Multicultural Marketing

Multicultural marketing is now more important than ever especially when you consider that the recent 2012 Census predicted huge changes in the ethnic minority group population in the UK. The full results will be known early in 2013 but we estimate that one in six of the UK population will now be from an ethnic minority group.

Mainstream brands, businesses and marketers have generally ignored this huge but very lucrative market. This is due to lack of data and lack of understanding of the market. Multicultural marketing is only set to grow bigger and bigger especially as the nation becomes more diverse.

79PR know how to do it and, more importantly, we have delivered the results..

That is why we have worked with household names to help them understand this rapidly growing and important market. In fact, we have helped everyone from start-ups to large organisations get a foothold in this market. You’ll be surprised with what you learn. And even more surprised at the possibilities that can open for you. Please look at the case studies of the businesses we have helped in this area.


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