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Website Design

Having a website is now a must for all businesses. It’s your shop window on the world wide web. In fact, the first thing most people do to research a business, brand or product is Google your business. Most people now judge a company by their website and as the old adage goes: “First impression lasts.”.  Therefore, considering all this, it makes sense for you to have a good online presence to create the best impression.

Our aim is to design, develop and build websites that not only look good but work perfectly as well whether it’s a static site, e-commerce or one with a content management system (CMS).

We understand that websites can be a daunting experience especially with different people saying different things. This is one of the reasons we offer this service. We help simplify the jargon, and walk with you through the whole process of web design and development.  Not only will we give you a website that looks good but also functions to its best.

Once the website is built, we work with you to help market it. Many businesses have great looking websites but they don’t do anything for them. No increased visitors, No increased sales. This is the reason why online marketing is now the single most important part of your website. We make you website work harder.

We are particularly good at helping those businesses who want to sell online. We have developed e-commerce strategies for many businesses to help them increase their sales online but also to explore e-commerce selling platforms such as Amazon and eBay.

In fact we are now also holding marketing courses on how to develop an e-commerce strategy. Contact us for more details.