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Seventy Nine PR News Bulletin

It’s been a long while and we decided it was time for a mini catchup of some sort of what we’ve been getting up to!

penguin awareness day 2015We’ve been having a very busy start to the year with new clients coming on board – some local and international to keep us on our toes, a few ideas in place to give ourselves a makeover and days of the year to celebrate all things fluffy & happy looking.

With a few trips to Malaysia being one of the key highlights for us since the end of last year (it cheered us up from the beautiful Great British weather we keep having), we’re certainly looking forwards to revisiting and helping one of our clients grow even bigger than they already are. We’ve had 5 successful client wins within the past 2 months and have meetings lined up over the next month to hopefully grow some more! We’ve been #79BusyBees as we like to say. The Binging Stops!

We decided to join in on the healthy eating vibe too and introduced a little addiction called ‘Green Tea’ into the office, officially stopped buying the huge bags of Sensations crisps for the team and we even have one of us sticking to an insanity workout. Yep – we’re going in big this year!

Seventy Nine PR on TwitterOne thing for certain – we learned to embrace the art of using A2 whiteboards and messy desks with propercorn popcorn and nature valley crunch bars. Oh yes, it sounds ridiculous but we like to do share our to-do lists with the world instead of just our food selfies and snow days – just in case anybody was beginning to get the idea that all we seem to do is eat at work.

Alongside the normal bees in the office – we’ve been looking at a few newbies to join us and are still recruiting for a PR Director alongside other jobs for some of our clients and are currently in the process of contacting Geordie Shore celebs for PR promotions. We’ve been having some real fun in the office lately!


So we guess we should get back to work really.

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