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How to Sustain Brand Followers

In the online world of social media, it is difficult and time consuming to keep your brand followers interested and engaged with your online presence. We know that there are ways to keep this brand loyalty to your business as social media brings together the connection between products/brands/services closer to the user.

We have seen the shift in changes of attitudes of how users are using social media especially with the changes in technology where you can now access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram (and many more) right in your hands on the go. 10 years ago, these social networks were either consumed on desktops and laptops and Instagram was not even formed (reliant on photos through smartphones).

These are the following things we keep in mind when it comes to sustaining your social media followers:

Content – the best piece of advice to give when it comes to keeping followers, is posting quality content. Every single post that you put out should be tactful and you should be able to answer the question who will engage/like this post and why? Content is and will always remain king of social media because it is the substance of your brand and what makes social media “social”.

Plan – planning and scheduling ahead of time is an important way to sustain brand followers because planned content is well thought through, special events and activations are taken in account and there is more time for monitoring comments and interactions.

Measure – it is extremely essential to measure analytics and KPI’s in order to keep followers on social. Without measurement you do not know it anything is working on social media. measuring analytics helps determine best days and times to post, insights into audience habits, what your social followers are liking and what they are not.

Monitor – monitoring social media from a social customer service standpoint as well as just from a business standpoint is essential to keep followers. As a brand you want customers to trust that they can reach out to you and you will respond in a timely and professional fashion. By monitoring conversation around your brand online, we are following basic digital PR fundamentals. We make sure that any conversations/interactions that are potentially harmful for your brand are handled immediately and that you are able to build positive relationships with the publics that can affect your success.

Know the platform – optimise and adjust tone accordingly for each different platform. Twitter’s tone varies from Facebook’s which also varies from Google+. Know the audience goals of being on that platform and use that to your advantage when you post.

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