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The top 5 reasons why your words/online content/blogs do really really matter today

– Blogs are now the most important component for SEO
– First UK Blogging agency called Planet Blog to open
– Original Content a must
– Businesses must think like a journalist

Blog Post by +Anas Kasak

PUBLISHED: 14:01, 4 April 2013 | UPDATED: 14:44, 4 April 2013

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Fact. Blogs/Online Content is now big news.

We read with interest an article a few days in marketing industry magazine The Drum (which we love by the way) about how two well known marketers who are setting up their own blogging agency- called Planet Blog.

Namely Pete Mill, co-founder and ex-creative director of The Leith Agency, and Mark Gorman, the founding director of 1576 had a meeting of minds to what they say is the UK’s first professional blogging agency. (Full story here)

We tried to find their new website to take a peek at exactly what services they are offering and have found this site which we believe is theirs. We fully stand by their rationing that good blogging is a key indicator for Google nowadays.

We are really excited as a marketing business which is very keen on good content through blogs. In fact, as ex-journalist we see real similarities between writing for newspapers/magazines and blogging.

Everyone loves a well written story in a newspaper. Now Google’s prying eyes also love a good blog. Why? Because in the same way that a good story gets everyone talking, a good blog also gets people talking. And on the web, talking usually means social media talking which means your blog gets shared on all media channels such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, Linked In etc etc. To Google, this sharing on social networks is akin to spreading gold dust. The more people share, the more gold dust you are spreading and the more the Big G pushes you up the rankings.

And like journalists who (usually) get instructions from their news editor to research and add certain quotes, your blog must be well researched. The more time, you spend on gaining good information for your blog, the more compelling your copy. In turn, the more people will read and share. By good information we means stats, research, other similar stories.

Therefore, we below are the top 5 reasons why your words/online content/blogs do really really matter today in a handy summary. Enjoy people.

1. The written word is your shop window.

Communication is king. This is the words we recently used at the beginning of a new client meeting. While you may think that the above comment is not that surprising considering how 79PR is a communications agency, the written word really is becoming the biggest marketing tool.  It is an opportunity for you to showcase your products and services. Your shop window if you want. So the better your content, the more people will browse.

 2. Increased Sales

Potential customers will be attracted or put off by what they read. If your content reads beautifully,  flows like the river Nile, contains no grammatical errors and makes sense  -Boom. This will lead to increase site visits and very likely increased sales. We recently completed a site for a client who sent us copy which was “stolen” from another site. We had to break the news to them that they need to rewrite the whole copy as duplicated content on Google will finish you off.

Another client of ours who are a retailer of women’s clothing were told to increase the copy in the product description. The adage we subscribe to is: the more details you put, the greater the chance of the sale. Put yourself in your customer’s shows. What would you like to know about the product. On e-commerce websites it is a must to give further information such as how it can be worn, who had recently worn it, how to accessorise etc. The result for our client? Increased sales and a much much lower bounce rate.

3. Your website ratings. 

Last year inbound marketing gurus Hubspot created some excellent stats. One of the standout ones we picked out was that those businesses that blog:

  • increase visibility of their site
  • increase leads by up to 80%
  • increase their website visitors by up to a half

3. Authority.

Most importantly,  which many businesses are failing to realise, is social media and the behemoth that is Google. The power of social networking and the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ means that the more stronger and engaging the content,  the more likely it is to be shared. And the more people that share the more “authoritative” your site. And Google loves loves loves Authoritative Sites.

5. SEO

Last, but certainly not least is the impact on SEO. Good content will see you shoot up the rankings especially if the above number 4 happens. Try it and see for yourself.

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