Google+ Top 5 Social Media Graphic Secrets Revealed!

Top 5 Social Media Graphic Secrets Revealed!

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We all know that in 2015 the best way to engage an audience on social media is through the use of some good quality graphics. But just exactly how do we make the best graphics to get the highest engagement from fans.

So, as part of our contribution to Social Media Day, 79PR has made your life just that bit easier sharing the tips we use across the variety of clients we represent including online retailers, professional services firms and conferences.

See below for our top 5 secret tips to making the most of your graphics on social media.

#1. Keep it simple

First of all, it needs to be kept simple. Don’t bombard people with crazy, busy pictures, or images crammed with text, the likelihood of people actually stopping to look at your graphics if you do this is very low.


#2. Bold graphics & easy to read text

Make your graphics bold, with text that is easy to read. Simple does not mean boring, you still need your audience to actually look at your image, so make it bold, something that would make YOU stop scrolling down your Facebook or Instagram feed, bright colours with a nice font that can be clearly read.


#3. Evoke emotion

Yes it is all put online but your audience is still human. One of the best ways to get engagement from people on social media is to evoke emotion. This makes people connect with your images, and if they connect with your image they are more likely to then go and like your page, or buy your product.


#4. Quality images

You may think as your images are only going on social media the image quality does not matter. WRONG. The quality of your images on social media is reflective on your company. If you have grainy poor quality images it’s going to make your company look bad, and won’t get as much engagement as it would if you take the time to get high quality images, which are much more striking.


#5. Keep it current

In both the sense of what you are posting, make sure it’s relevant to the audience of today, and current news, what time of year it is, what events are on etc. But also visually, keep up to date on trends in graphics, what kind of graphics get the most attention from your target audience, what do people want to see? A look at your analytics or even browsing your competitor’s feeds should give you an idea of which pics get the most engagement.


What do you think? Have you got any special tips and secrets you can share? Leave your comments and suggestions in the comments box below. Good Luck!!

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