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How to use your visual content to boost engagement Part 2.

part 2



As promised here is part two of our blog on using your visual content to boost engagement. To recap, last time we told you all you needed to know of using GIFS, hover over sharing buttons and celebrating unusual holidays. Continue reading to find out the rest!



Use emotion.


One of the best ways to get your audience to engage on your social media profiles is to connect with them on an emotional level through your posts. Using emotion in your posts leaves a long lasting impact on your audience and makes them more likely to share your content, like it, and most importantly, remember it.

The best way to do this is through visuals, as more than anything, people connect with what they see. Use your images to create an emotion you want your customers to associate with your brand, as that association, is what will make people keep coming back to use your service.

It has been found that the two most engaging emotions are positive feelings and the element of surprise, so try and use these in your visuals.

Ask for your viewers input.

inputMany business feel that the visuals they post out needs to be their own, but why not try letting your customers have a go? People love seeing brands using their work, it makes your audience feel appreciated, and gets positive engagement through allowing your viewers to contribute.

There is a number of things you could be asking for from your viewers, drawings, photographs, logos, designs, or anything that would be suited to your product and service.

The best way to implement this is through contests, and there are two ways to create visual contests. Either by posting an amazing image yourself and getting your viewers to caption it, or by asking your viewers for their own images, either for a new logo, cover image, or just selfies etc.

Design interactive how-to’s .

how to

If you want to make your audience a visual guide about your brand, or a how-to on your product, turn this into a visual that is sure to boost engagement.

Using a tool such as Whatfix ( )  allows you to make interactive how-to’s, and what’s best about this website, is doing so is quick, simple and customizable.

We hope that our two part blog on using visuals to boost engagement has been incredibly helpful for you and your business. For more help with your business social media, keep up to date with our blogs, or any questions about this blog don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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